UHAB’s work is carried out by 39 dedicated staff members at our main office in Lower Manhattan and in our Community Training Center in Upper Manhattan.

UHAB works with a diverse community of tenants, community members and co-op shareholders and believes that the UHAB Staff should reflect this diversity. Women, people of color, LBGTQ people, and people from low-income and working class backgrounds are encouraged to apply. UHAB is an equal opportunity employer. 

Current Openings

Bookkeeper Project Associate (Bilingual)

UHAB is seeking a Bookkeeper Project Associate for our Member Services program who is fluent in both English and Spanish. The Bookkeeper Project Associate has primary responsibility for the delivery of information and money-saving services to member buildings through coordination of Bookkeeping Services and the Connected Book$ program, a web-based bookkeeping and financial planning tool custom designed for the needs of affordable co-ops. Read More.


Director of Business Strategies

UHAB is seeking the right candidate to fill the position of Director of Business Strategies (DBS) to help direct and grow our organization and serve as our Chief Financial Officer. All of UHAB’s organizing, development, and cooperative support services are overseen by our management team, whose members also participate actively in financial planning and are accountable for financial performance.  Administrative tasks are handled in a similarly inclusive manner.  The DBS, a member of the executive management team, is at the hub of this non-profit business. His, her or their energy determines how well it functions. UHAB is seeking an individual with a unique skill set that must include the ability to lead colleagues.  Read More.


Co-op Preservation Project Associate (Bilingual)

UHAB is seeking a Co-op Preservation Project Associate who is fluent in both English and Spanish. Co-op Preservation is a dedicated team that supports low-income housing cooperatives (HDFCs) through technical, organizational, and financial planning assistance. This work includes loan packaging for distressed co-ops and guidance on management, maintenance, and governance. UHAB provides ongoing monitoring for more than 150 co-ops to ensure compliance with lenders and City regulations. The successful candidate will be a bright, motivated professional who wants to make a tangible, positive impact on both our team and on the affordable co-ops with which we work. This full-time position has a flexible work schedule to accommodate evening meetings with co-op leaders. Read More.