Market and Match

UHAB’s Market and Match program helps publicize vacancies and offers tools and resources for your HDFC to fill vacant units. 

In accordance with our mission, UHAB strongly supports the preservation of low-income housing in New York City.  We encourage co-ops to consider affordability when setting sale prices, and to follow the income guidelines when choosing new residents.

About the UHAB Interest Pool

UHAB maintains a pool of people who have expressed interest in becoming shareholders in co-ops that UHAB develops, as well as in existing HDFCs. Some of these prospective shareholders have received homebuyer counseling from local community organizations. All have attended a mandatory “Becoming a Shareholder” informational session to ensure that applicants understand what they are purchasing, what an HDFC is, how HDFCs operate, and the role of shareholders.  In addition, all applicants are screened for credit scores, income guidelines, and debt-to-income ratios.  Under Market and Match, UHAB provides an HDFC with a summary of candidates who are eligible to fill any vacancies in the building.

To Participate in the Market and Match Program

Market and Match offers a number of services and resources for your HDFC to fill vacancies.  To participate in the program, your HDFC must:

Market and Match materials should be mailed to:
UHAB | Urban Homesteading Assistance Board
Attn: Member Services Market and Match
120 Wall Street, 20th Fl.
New York, NY 10005

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