RPIE -- Are we exempt?

The Real Property Income & Expense Statements filing is required by the Department of Finance to assess property values. The deadline to file the RPIE 2017 online at nyc.gov/rpie is June 1, 2018.

Who is required to file?

Owners of income-producing properties with an Actual Assessed Value of more than $40,000 on the Tentative Assessment Roll of the year for which you are filing. This includes Cooperatives that are owned by a corporation and contain over 2,500 square feet of commercial space, not including any garage. If you are required to file but do not, you may be charged penalties up to 3% of the property’s actual assessed tax value (which can be thousands of dollars).

Finance needs income and expense information each year to value your property accurately. The RPIE will be used to determine your property’s value for the upcoming tax year that starts on July 1st. Property owners who want to challenge their full assessment of the property may be able to reduce their assessments.

If you have questions regarding the RPIE process and who is required to file, please visit nyc.gov/rpie or call 311. You may call (212) 479-3334 to get assistance with your building’s filing, or come to our next RPIE Filing training!

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