Assistance for Distressed Co-ops

Is your building in trouble?

UHAB has a dedicated team that provides emergency assistance to co-op buildings in distress. 

What does a distressed building look like?

Distress might mean a building is facing foreclosure, defaulting on a loan, or behind on taxes.  Distress may also mean unpaid water bills that resulted in a lien against the building.

How UHAB can help:

Our consultants solve the complex problems limited-equity co-ops face by:
  • Expediting the correction of tax and water and sewer bills
  • Obtaining financing for resolving debt or for repair and rehab needs
  • Working out other mortgage, tax management or financial issues
  • Obtaining J-51 tax abatements for buildings that have completed major capital improvements

UHAB charges a consulting fee for these services. In some cases the fees have been shared by the city, lowered, or waived.

To find out more about preservation services, please contact Oscar at (212) 479-3328 or mcdonald[at]