Environmental Justice and HDFCs: Read the latest report here.

Our latest report focuses on deferred maintenance as an important environmental justice issue.

In order to take a closer look at how low-income residents of HDFC co-ops are being impacted by the pandemic, UHAB’s team is doing outreach to every HDFC in New York, tracking and recording the needs of these residents, and sharing the data to ensure that this community is not left behind as we account for our fellow New Yorkers’ health and safety.

This report is an educational tool and a growing document that will be updated as we learn more from our outreach and update our data. UHAB’s outreach effort is ongoing as our team continues to collect and track the community’s responses, and follow up with urgent and timely needs. This report outlines the initial findings, marking the first two months of the pandemic and its impact on the HDFC community of 30,000 households.
Maps were produced by Patrick Ewing. 

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HDFC shareholders: add your testimony! What have you experienced since the beginning of the pandemic? Add your testimony by emailing us, calling us at (212) 479-3337, or filling out this survey.


See the map

The map below explores the relationship between HDFC co-ops and COVID-19 rates. COVID-19 case rates per 100,000 people are shown in blue, with the darkest shades of blue representing areas with the highest rates of COVID-19. HDFC co-ops are shown as grey circles. Each circle's size corresponds to the building's unit count, with the smallest HDFCs at only three units and the largest HDFCs at over 200 units.