Member Services

UHAB helps over 600 low-income co-op member buildings sustain themselves financially and administratively. Become a UHAB member today, and support the HDFC co-op community!

Become a Member

UHAB membership fees depend on the size of your building, and costs your HDFC  $7.50 per apartment per year.  To join, simply print out a membership form and send in your check today!

Member Resources

Once you become a member, you will have access to a variety of resources, including:

Fire and Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) The most competitive fire and liability insurance rates negotiated specially for HDFCs.  A price your HDFC can afford, and coverage you can count on.
Energy Programs and Resources UHAB and partner organizations bring special energy programs, trainings, and resources to the HDFC community, to save money, increase building efficiency, and support efforts to create sustainable communities.
UHAB Fuel UHAB, in partnership with Marathon Energy, has negotiated special fuel pricing for its member buildings.  UHAB Fuel saves your building money, and participation benefits the HDFC community.
Connected Book$ UHAB's free online bookkeeping program was custom designed to help HDFCs track finances easily.  This is a great user-friendly tool that helps maintain your HDFC's financial health.
Bookkeeping Services Take advantage of our expertise for less than the cost of other bookkeepers.  UHAB offers a range of services (at prices you can afford) to help you keep your building financially healthy.
Market and Match UHAB's tools and resources to help your HDFC publicize apartment listings and fill vacancies.
Free Trainings and Seminars Our free trainings and seminars for member buildings bring HDFC leaders together for education, presentations and discussions on a range of topics important to the community.
Member News Our free quarterly newsletter, with updates and announcements, helps keep you connected with UHAB and other HDFCs.

For more information, or to become a member, please contact Emily at (212) 479-3318 or ng[at]