Effective estate planning usually takes time, effort, and a good tax advisor and/or attorney.  In the end, your plan will allow your family to avoid the delay, dissention, and needless expense that often occurs when a loved one dies without a will. Once you have taken care of your family’s needs, please consider a thoughtful bequest to the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board.

The Urban Homesteading Assistance Board is deeply gratefully to those friends who, through their will or living trust, make a gift to support UHAB’s work for future generations.

If you already have a will prepared, you do not have to rewrite your current documents. You simply add a provision, called a codicil, to your will or living trust.  View sample bequest language here.

Your bequest is entirely under your control during your life and becomes irrevocable only at death.  Because bequests to the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board are generally exempt from federal or state inheritance taxes, and subject to an unlimited deduction, you may find that a commitment through your will--combined with an outright pledge or a life income gift--results in a much larger donation than you might have thought. Please consult your advisor for assistance in establishing a legacy that will reflect your fair-housing concerns.

If you have made a provision in your estate plans for the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, please let us know so that we may recognize you in our Book of Remembrance.

Bequests Are Vital

Bequests are a vital and continuing resource that strengthen the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board’s ability to promote the development and preservation of affordable housing cooperatives for future generations.  Most donors plan their gifts in the form of general bequests. This general support is most helpful because it allows us to direct funds to our most crucial initiatives. However, should you have a specific interest, we would be happy to assist you in planning a gift that meets both your interests and the goals of UHAB.