For more than four decades, UHAB has worked to create and support low-income co-ops in New York City.  More than 30,000 New York families live in these resident-controlled housing cooperatives—the largest community of its kind in the United States.  How do we do it? The pillars of UHAB's work are outlined below.

Organizing and Policy

Outreach to tenants in distress, organize to preserve affordable housing, support policy that strengthens affordability, work in partnership with organizations that share a focus on city housing.

Co-op Development

Taking interim ownership and management of buildings, arranging financing, assisting with temporary relocation, managing renovations, training residents, and helping tenants convert to a resident-controlled cooperative.

Co-op Preservation

Advising buildings in distress, arranging loans, applying for water and tax relief, restructuring boards, overseeing management changes.

Technical Assistance and Training

Educating shareholders on effective management of buildings, including fulfilling regulatory agreement mandates, providing one-on-one counseling and assistance, providing site visits or trainings, and access to resources and library of documents.

Member Services

Low-income co-ops can become UHAB member buildings and save money on fuel or heating oil, building insurance, bookkeeping, financial services, and get monthly newsletters and customized advice.

Sharing our Expertise

Conducting seminars worldwide on operating limited-income cooperatives.