Member Services

UHAB helps low-income co-ops and TIL buildings run smoothly at the lowest possible cost by providing access to money-saving programs on insurance, fuel, and more.  With the buying power of over 600 member buildings,  we can secure the lowest prices, and develop new programs for low-income co-ops.

Members can take advantage of special offers like:

  • Fire and Liability Insurance Program (FLIP)- access to the most competitive fire and liability insurance rates for HDFCs for over 24 years.
  • UHAB Fuel- this program, in partnership with Ambassador Fuel & Oil Burner Corp and Hess, discounts fuel prices for member HDFCs.
  • Connected Books- custom designed software that helps HDFCs easily track and record finances.
  • Bookkeeping Services to help buildings stay financially healthy at affordable prices.
  • Useful monthly newsletters, seminars, and other special community events.
  • Access to publicized apartment listings and management resources.
  • One-on-one attention and customized help from UHAB staff.

In addition to the benefits that buildings receive, building membership helps UHAB strengthen the entire HDFC community.  Membership only costs $7.50 per apartment per year, so print out a membership form and send in your check today!

View a detailed description of UHAB's Member Services here.