Internships with UHAB

UHAB has internships available for people below 35 years old, from high school students to graduate students and working adults. Whether you're looking to get involved with tenant organizing in your neighborhood or learn about the history of affordable co-ops, we have flexible opportunities to get involved.



Youth Tenant Organizing Program: 

UHAB’s Organizing department helps renters in Brooklyn and Manhattan create strong tenant associations to deter displacement and hold landlords accountable for improving living conditions. We hope to engage youth in this work through training and hands-on organizing. 

The Youth Tenant Organizing Program will train participants in the following:

• New York State housing rights

• Researching buildings

• Successful door knocking practices

• Facilitation of tenant meetings

After completing the training, students can use their required community service hours towards developing their own tenant association and encouraging them to fight for better services or assist in our outreach to buildings in Crown Heights. This experience will help train future leaders to fight for housing justice in their communities. Priority given to students who live or go to school in the Crown Heights area.

Contact Juan by email or at (718) 915-2628.

Cooperatives and Homesteading Oral History Program:

Affordable cooperatives have survived in a competitive housing market due to their residents' grit, skills, and commitment. UHAB is working with co-op residents to collect and preserve the strategies and tactics of affordable collective ownership. As the original shareholders that seized their housing in the 1970s and 1980s age, we're seeking youth volunteers and interns to preserve their stories. 

Interns will explore alternatives to capitalist real estate models. They will be able to turn their findings into a podcast, documentary, article, or other creative project of their choosing.

The Cooperatives and Homesteading Oral History Program will train participants in the following:

  • Cooperative housing law, policy, and history

  • Oral history and primary research

  • Interviewing and transcription

This is an opportunity for youth to learn firsthand about an important and under-publicized piece of our city’s history, develop interviewing and primary source research skills, and contribute to a non-profit organization’s effort to create a living oral history archive. Participating students should have an active interest in affordable housing and if possible some connection to affordable housing co-ops. Preference is given to those who live in HDFC co-ops, such as younger shareholders or shareholders' children, but all young people are invited to apply.

Contact Clara by email or at (212) 479-3337.

More Volunteer Opportunities with UHAB 

Want to help UHAB assist families in need of decent housing in New York City create and sustain affordable housing cooperatives? We'd love to have you join our team of volunteers!

Email us with a brief description of your interests and background to start donating your time and talents to a great cause.  We have a wide variety of opportunities, and look forward to working with you.