New: Remote trainings for HDFC shareholders

Our trainings are back, now online!

We're training our community to stay safe, healthy, and affordable with new webinars. Check out our coronavirus resource center to learn more about what you can do to keep your HDFC safe and healthy, and then head to to sign up for a webinar.

We offer tech support to shareholders unfamiliar with remote training technology for 30 minutes before each training.

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See what HDFC shareholders have to say about our remote trainings: 

“These trainings are very beneficial and useful/it has given us different things to consider and understand” - Antoinette

“In my opinion you should continue to offer online courses even after we can have large gatherings again” -Steve

Free UHAB trainings for your HDFC co-op:

Help improve your building!

UHAB's free training can help you strengthen your building while keeping costs down. Classes cover financial management, property management, resources for buildings in trouble, maintaining the affordability of your building, meeting your corporate and regulatory requirements, and much more.

Entrenamiento gratis para Cooperativas HDFC 
Ayudando a mejorar sus edificio!

UHAB tiene entrenamientos grautitos para fortalezer sus edificios y la misma vez manteniendo los costos de edificio mas bajos. Las clases cubren gerencia financiera, gerencia de propiedad, recursos para edificios en problema, como mantener su edificio para bajo recursos, como cumplir con los reguisitos y reglamentos de la Cooperativas y muchos mas.


Get a certificate by attending 8 classes! 

¡Puede conseguir un certificado si viene a 8 clases!